Was Delicious Food From a Halal Restaurant Using Rice Wine Now?

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rice wine
Photo from TikTok video
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A video went viral recently and it shows a food preparation process of a restaurant on TikTok. What caught more attention was when the individual showed restaurant staff using sesame oil and a mixture of rice wine. Rice wine is a type of alcohol used in cooking. However, it is understood that the restaurant serves halal food and is owned by Muslims. But Muslims are banned from consuming alcohol.

Rice Wine

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After the video went viral, the restaurant temporarily closed, and as of now, there has been no statement from them. Meanwhile, netizens are commenting on the TikTok video showing their concerns that customers of the Muslim faith have been eating food prepared with ricewine. The video has garnered hundreds of thousands of views. Here is a comment from a netizen on TikTok: “Looking at it, it looks delicious. Once you watch this video, you won’t be worried about committing sins.”

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Rice Wine

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