Netizens Now Saying MARISSA Receiving SYMPATHY Only Because She Is BEAUTIFUL 

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Image screen shotted from her official Instagram account @marissadania_

Many are not buying what Marissa has to say about the whole situation involving her and the husband of another woman. However, netizens state that she is only receiving sympathy solely because she is beautiful. Many state that if she was less attractive, she would definitely get attacked severely by those who support her. 

Marissa receiving sympathy because she is beautiful 

Netizens are also attacking those who state that others should not say anything about the social media influencer as it’s another person’s child. However, when another popular figure who’s less attractive did the same thing, these very people were up in arms saying that this is wrong. 

In addition to this, netizens are not satisfied with her statement as they feel it is not justifiable enough. When you’re a popular figure, you should know how to act according to X users. Others find what she has to say is unsatisfactory towards the situation. 

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Image of Marissa screen shotted from her official Instagram account @marissadania_

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