Leona Responds To Marissa Drama, Netizens Now SUPPORTING Her Even MORE 

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Image on the left is Leona, on the right is Marissa and her mother.

It appears that Azhar Sulaiman’s daughter, Leona, has responded to the drama surrounding the comparison of her to Marissa. Many state that despite her not wearing the hijab, she still did not wreck any marriages. Furthermore, others state that Marissa solely receives support only for her looks, the same could not be said for Ira Kazar. 

Leona Responds to Marissa Drama 

Some state that those who are free haired may tend to be less scandalous. Following that, netizens state that they prefer those who do not wreck the marriage and families of another woman, regardless if they’re wearing the hijab or not. She states that she feels as though she is in a TV3 drama. 

However, there are some who are against Leona. A user claims that she is no better than Marissa. Despite this, a swarm of X users came to her support stating that the user is no better than her as well. Regardless, many feel that the actor’s daughter is a decent person despite her previous controversy. 

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Image on the left is Leona, on the right is Marissa and her mother.

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