Netizens Now OUTRAGED At Cyclist DENTING A CAR 

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Image screen shotted from X user @IniAlalalannn

One of the weirdest occurrences in Southeast Asia is that we have bicycles on the main road. Recently, a cyclist hit a car by knocking on it. However, the individual was in the middle of the road. It appears that he was unhappy with the driver coming too close to him. The incident took place in Singapore, but it is also a common occurrence in Malaysia as well. 

Cyclist knocking car and dented it 

Netizens are now cynical towards these cyclists complaining that their hobby is an expensive one. X users are not agreeing with this attitude set upon these individuals who feel entitled on the road. Knocking on someone’s car until it dents is a whole other story as it would be costly for the owner to fix. 

Others state that they should not be on main roads as there are massive lorries all over the place. Users state that these individuals should practice their hobbies in a safer environment rather than risking their lives by being on a busy road. 

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Image screen shotted from X user @IniAlalalannn

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