X Users Now DISAGREE With New The NUN’s Poster Crucifix Allegedly COVERED With Ghost EMOJI

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Image screen shotted from X user @1Obefiend

It appears another hot debate among X users is related to the Christian Crucifix in the Nun poster allegedly getting censored. The movie is related to a possessed nun haunting those unfortunate enough to encounter her. However, users feel that it is a little too much to censor another religion’s symbol publicly. 

The Nun’s crucifix allegedly covered with ghost emoji 

Some state that the crucifix is simply a religious symbol and others won’t be too affected by it. However, covering it up with a ghost emoji at the last minute is another issue. Users feel that it could at least be covered with something else. 

Others feel that the movie poster is no longer scary now with an emoji covering it. Furthermore, users state that the vibe is completely off now. Maybe those who agreed with this decision could have replaced the image with another object or symbol in relation to the movie.  

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Image screen shotted from X user @1Obefiend

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