Saddiq Now Clings to MP Seat Like Dear Life

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Muda PROMOTES Politik Matang Says Member. Now, TWITTER Users Disagree
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It is similar to a do-or-die situation for MP Syed Saddiq who is probably following the strategy laid by his mentors. He now clings to the MP seat as if it’s a livelihood matter. Perhaps he will be jobless if he leaves the post? People must think also about how to feed a young man who runs a party. The moral of the story: Take from others and keep for yourself is okay!


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Clinging to the seat he took from PH is his final destination now while he refuses to quit, calling on all those who dare tell him to quit to look into a mirror. The last time someone asked a PH leader to look into the mirror, that MP and Minister lost his seat in Gombak. But if SS was a man of real principles. He would not object to calls for him to resign as an MP. But not all men have balls like Puteri Umno said. Politik Matang anyone?

Dr Mahathir, family of tun Mahathir, welcome, saddiq
Mahathir took the PM post from PH. Never returned it back.
Image screens hotted from his official Twitter account.

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