Adorable Chinese Boy Speaks Fluent Tamil with His Indian Neighbours

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Chinese Boy
Photo Source: @kartik_suresh | TikTok

A young Chinese boy is making waves on social media after a man shared videos on TikTok showing him speaking Tamil to his neighbours. He speaks so fluently that if you did not see who is speaking, you would think that it is an Indian kid!

Chinese Boy

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Netizen, @kartik_suresh posted the video with Kai Kai, who is his neighbour’s kid, making Mango Lassi. But what surprised viewers was Kai Kai speaking very fluent Tamil the entire time. The boy even suggested using apples and grapes to make the lassy sweeter. “I think it would be sweeter to combine grapes and apples. Amma, do we have any apples?” the boy says in Tamil, referring to Kartik’s mother as Amma.

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No Durian Lassy?
China plants Durian in an effort to minimise import – Photo Unsplash

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