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Image screen shotted from TikToker @syapls

Typically, the definition of a Halal item used to be mostly directed towards the preparation of a meal. However, it seems that today, even refrigerators can be Halal too. A popular Singaporean TikToker recently made a viral video showing a Halal fridge in Indonesia. Most users are surprised to find out about this. 

Halal refrigerators in Indonesia? 

Others are questioning those who purchase these Halal Refrigerators. Users asked if the people who purchased it intended to place non-Halal meats in order to make it “Halal.” Some even joked that there will be Halal spectacles one day. In Malaysia we used to have a syariah compliant airline as well. 

There were jokes that the fridge will lock itself during Ramadan. However, users state that the definition of Halal in the context of the frige is in relation to the ESG Environmental regulations. It appears that if an electronical device is safe for the environment, it would be classified as such. 

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Image screen shotted from TikToker @syapls

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