Netizens Now PRAISING Dahlia Rizal’s Stunning New NATURAL Makeup For Her WEDDING 

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Dahlia Rizal
Image of Dahlia Rizal on her official Instagram page.

Dahlia Rizal, a business woman and influencer recently went viral after her wedding photos emerged on Instagram and X. Users state that she looks stunning in the natural makeup she selected for her special day. This is a stark contrast to the common trend where women would wear heavy makeup on their special day. 

Netizens praising Dahlia Rizal 

Some state that they’re not surprised at Dahlia Rizal’s flawless skin. Constant care and routines will most definitely make one’s skin flawless over time. However, the beauty routine needs to be on going consistently, and there should not be a day skipped. 

Despite this, some users state that expensive skin care treatments are necessary especially in today’s world. This is due to the easy access we have to some of the most delicious but unhealthy food. Regardless, many still praise the business woman/influencer for only using a Chanel skin tint for her special day.  

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Dahlia Rizal
Image of Dahlia Rizal on her official Instagram page.

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