TikTokers Now MAD At ZARA For RM300 Clothes Allegedly RIPPING Apart After 1 WASH

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Image screen grabbed from TikToker @annavgantt

It appears that the fast fashion brand Zara is under hot waters from TikTokers as a user claims to have washed her blazer once and it fell apart. However, many have been complaining that their quality has dropped over the last few years, and their prices has jumped up. 

Zara allegedly selling clothes that are more disposable than ever?  

TikTokers who recently shopped at Zara claims that their quality has significantly gone down. However, their lower cost competitor, H&M has risen a lot in quality recently. Five years ago, the opposite remarks could be made regarding both brands. However, for Malaysians, these brands are still rather expensive. 

Regardless, others claim that there are some pieces from the Spanish fast fashion retailer that do last longer than expected. It is fairly typical to have this problem from fast fashion brands as they tend to have a variety of manufacturing hubs and factories. 

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Image screen grabbed from TikToker @annavgantt

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