Netizens Now COMPARING Marissa And Ira Kazar Saying SUPPORTERS BIASED

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Ira Kazar Marissa

The drama of what Marissa allegedly did is still going on strong within the X community. However, stark comparisons were made between her and Ira Kazar. Netizens state that there is an unfair reaction towards Ira Kazar’s situation solely based on her looks. Furthermore, it seems that most users are tired of these double standards. 

Marissa vs Ira Kazar 

Netizens state that those coming to Marissa’s defense saying that this will happen to the descendants of those who dare to criticize her are hypocrites. X users state that these same people have probably said worse things about Abang Tesla and Ira Kazar. Users continued on talking about the biases of looks. 

In addition to this, users state that other celebrities were unfairly bashed solely for the controversies they are in. Unfortunately some were even merciless towards them. However, this time it appears that they ironically came to their senses. Will this attitude remain for the next celebrity that falls into scandal?  

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Ira Kazar Marissa

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