X Users Now Sending CONDESCENDING Message To TIM COOK, Apple CEO After BORING Release Of New iPhone 15 

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Tim Cook
Image of Tim Cook screen shotted from his official X page.

The look of the iPhones has relatively not changed since 2019, when the release of the iPhone 11 came to the market. The camera positions and the general look of the phone has been the same for 4-5 years now. X users are mocking Tim Cook, stating that he isn’t bringing anything new to the tech world, just minor upgrades. 

Tim Cook receiving backlash on X 

A number of users went on to send sarcastic remarks towards the Apple CEO. They sarcastically thanked Tim Cook for releasing these new iPhones that are the same as the last year ones, and are more expensive. For countries other than the United States, the phone prices have jumped up consistently every year since Covid. 

Furthermore, users state that nothing changed at all. Some joked that the phones are now 1 gram lighter, which means it is a significant improvement over the last. Now the iPhone 15 pro max will cost you RM6,499, there is no cheaper 128gb option for the Max model anymore. Last year the 14 Pro Max cost around RM5,799 for the 128gb model. 

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Tim Cook
Image of Tim Cook screen shotted from his official X page.

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