Actor Rosyam Nor Now ATTACKED By X Users For Saying Women Will Be SNOBBISH When They Get JOBS 

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Rosyam Nor
Image screen shotted from X user @twtcctv

Typically, X users tend to be more open minded and left leaning in comparison to other Malaysians on social media. Furthermore, actor Rosyam Nor is under attack by netizens for claiming that women will be snobbish once they get jobs. Many feel that this comment is misogynistic and inappropriate to the women who actually need to work to survive. 

Rosyam Nor called out by netizens 

Netizens are using another prominent woman who criticized her husband after he wrecked her car. However, users state that men are exactly the same as what Rosyam Nor states. They will also be snobbish to their wives if they’re the sole breadwinner. Users add that unfaithful men are also another reason why women need to work and earn their own income. 

Others state that there are many wives who are still loyal to their husbands despite their larger income. This may be true for some, and it may be untrue for others. Regardless, it is not fair to overgeneralise all women as the same people, as each individual behaves differently despite their gender. 

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Rosyam Nor
Image screen shotted from X user @twtcctv

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