Netizens Now DEFENDING MADANI Saying Perikatan Nasional’s Ruling Was WORSE 

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Madani, pn slammed, abang Johari, gps

The debate on Madani has been quite strong as of late. Opposition supporters state that the coalition government is not as good as they think it is. However, netizens are reminding these individuals that PN’s ruling was significantly worse during the lockdown in 2020 and 2021. It went to the point where even Muhyiddin Yassin had to step down. 

Netizens defending MADANI 

Hard working Malaysians who needed to feed their families during the lockdowns suffered the most. A Bungkusit rider defends the Madani government stating that Muhyiddin’s government fined him nearly RM900 when the rider was simply doing his job. He states that the definitions of the lockdowns were not clearly defined and left a lot of open ended fines. 

Netizens were reminding others during the reign of the country’s previous backdoor government. Many ended their lives or had to resort to the white flag waving. That was the symbol of many who were not able to feed themselves during the pandemic. 

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Madani, pn slammed, abang Johari

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