Netizens Now Calling Straight A Student ENTITLED After Not PASSING Scholarship Interviews, Do You Agree?

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Recently, the ultrasensitive topic on scholarships has been brought up on X. A straight A student brought his frustrations of not getting a scholarship on social media. However, users feel that the student is rather entitled as they allegedly claim he has had multiple interviews but did not pass them.  

Straight A student entitled for a scholarship? 

Some users are debating on whether the student was entitled or not. However, a few agree that the straight A student was probably not prepared for these interviews. Others state that there are thousands of others just like this student fighting for the scholarship of their dreams. Unfortunately, it is a tough world out there. 

In addition to this, users brought up the student’s deleted post stating that he is confident he actually passed these interviews. However, netizens need to be reminded that the student is still a teenager and has a long way to go. Other users state that there are a number of reasons why he failed the interview solely judging on his actions on social media. 

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blue and white academic hat Straight A
Photo by Joshua Hoehne on Unsplash

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