Now, Did a Thai Conductor Faint From Durian Smell on a Bus?

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Thai conductor
The Thai conductor getting attention from medics - Photo Facebook
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In a harrowing incident, a Thai conductor Kussama Srisong faced a life-threatening ordeal due to her severe durian allergy. When a passenger brought the notorious fruit aboard the bus where she was working, she requested its removal, as durian is prohibited on public transport in Thailand. Despite the precautions, Srisong still suffered a critical allergic reaction.

Thai Conductor

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She described feeling “tightness in her chest and struggling to breathe” before fainting. The entire bus was delayed as she received medical attention, highlighting the dangers of durian’s pungent aroma for those with allergies. Fortunately, she recovered after hospital treatment, but the incident underscores the risks posed by this divisive fruit.

First Durian Harvest, Chinese boy, thai conductor
Now its a woman in Thailand who fell victim to durians – Photo Unsplash

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