New: Arau Pun DNAA Going Viral Once, Twice…

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Photo of Shahidan Kassim the moment he was told he too was freed on DNAA

In the issue of DPM Ahmad Zahid Hamidi’s DNAA, many in the opposition parties in Parliament are claiming the DNAA is not allowed in Islam (PAS Hadi Awang) or that the PM should review the issue because it is critical to justice and so on. One MP from the opposition, the well-known MP Shahidan Kassim was so critical of the DNAA and Zahid that someone among the PH MPs shouted:


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“Arau pun ada DNAA.” Unsurprisingly but stunningly, the PN MP became speechless and so did the PN MPs who were, a second ago, laughing it out that Zahid was freed on DNAA. They were all stunned to learn that the opposition MP also was freed on DNAA? Read the story on DNAA for Shahidan Kassim here.

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Later, we also learned that during Hadi Awang’s time as MB of Terengganu, the state approved the fact that DNAA can be used in cases of law. Kantoi lagi?
Do the homework first before coming out to tell people some untruths

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