Arguments Over SAJAT On X, Is The Topic Of Transgenderism Now Still Taboo In Malaysia?

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Image screen shotted from Sajat's official X page @Nursajat02

The topic of Sajat has gotten many Malaysians rilled up against each other. On one hand, there are those who somewhat support the influencer, on the other are saying that the individual is sinning. The topic is one of the most sensitive topics among social media users. 

Sajat getting both attacked and defended 

An X user states that Malaysians should not approve of Sajat’s actions and remarks as they go against the religion. The user adds that when it comes to foreign countries implementing laws against the tudung, many would collectively go against it. However, when its a local influencer, many would just laugh along with them. 

Others state that the influencer would often make TikTok lives that are entertaining. Furthermore, they claim that the individual does not openly mock any religions while doing these live streams. Regardless, both sides would not see eye to eye with each other on this topic. 

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Image screen shotted from Sajat’s official X page @Nursajat02

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