KL Back to Selangor? Many Expresses Positive Thoughts Now

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Petaling Jaya member of parliament Lee Chean Chung said the return of KL to Selangor would allow the Klang Valley to be one of the important hubs in the region and could be on par with other mega metropolises. “We cannot deny that KL and Selangor have rapidly grown for the past four decades.

KL Back to Selangor?

Many on social media believe this is a genius idea. They say KL folks will benefit from the various Bantuan Selangor. Politically, it will douse claims by the PAS-PN that Selangor is successful because of its proximity to KL. Nevertheless, some netizens believe it will level the disparity in property prices, and make KL great again and others say that KL was once the capital of Selangor. What do you say?

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Photo by Esmonde Yong on Unsplash – Coming back?
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