TikToker SAVED RM0.50 Everyday For 7 YEARS and Bought New iPhone With RM5,000 Worth Of Coins 

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Image screen shotted from TikTok user @bifoty_camper

Netizens are in shock after finding out a TikToker who saved RM0.50 a day for the last 7 years, and ended up buying an iPhone for himself. Who said that those who would keep their money in a coin jar would not be effective? Regardless, he managed to get the latest Apple smartphone because of it. 

TikToker saved RM0.50 a day and bought iPhone with savings 


Total RM5360.00 hasil simpan semua duit 50sen..takde duit 10sen@20sen..ambik masa 3jam baru siap kira dengan tenaga 4org tukang kira🤣 alhamdulillah.. #menabung #duitsyiling #50sen #alhamdulillah

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However, some users expressed their dismay on saving up for 7 years only for the person to have RM5,000. Following that, others state it took forever for him to save up all the coins, but it only takes a split second to spend it on a new device. Some suggested the TikToker invest his money in ASB. 

The user informed the local press that he was saving up for an Apple iPhone. Regardless, it is a creative way for someone to be sustainable as they would control their spending immensely. These phones can last for a long time, and doing so will make you not purchase another one that quick. 

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Image screen shotted from TikTok user @bifoty_camper

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