DBKL Now Confiscating Vehicles That are IMPROPERLY Parked, Netizens Saying This Is GOOD GOVERNANCE 

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Prior to our new coalition government, most misdemenaors would typically be ignored and could cause massive headaches. However, netizens are praising the new Madani government by being efficient. Officers on the ground in DBKL are now doing their jobs in clamping and confiscating vehicles with the most efficiency. 

Law and order finally back in Malaysia? DBKL confiscating improperly parked vehicles 

Netizens state that vehicles like motorcycles parked on the sidewalks are obstructive to pedestrians. It is a major inconvenience for those who would need to walk around the area. This has been a recurring problem in Kuala Lumpur. However, some may argue that a lack of parking spots are the main issue. 

However, there are some complaints that state DBKL is being unfair to the motorcyclists. Netizens respond stating that shop owners and building owners have to provide parking spaces. The city council is only responsible for the safety of the pedestrians as they have jurisdiction only towards the side walks.

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Photo by Tron Le on Unsplash

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