Netizens Now ATTACKING KiedAmy For Saying HATED People Are Usually GOOD People 

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Recently, a dessert seller/influencer KiedAmy has come to the attention of netizens for making a rather controversial statement. She states that those who are hated typically are good people. This can partially be true, but generally, netizens are disagreeing with this rhetoric. Social media users would typically think that those who are problematic tend to get bashings online. 

KiedAmy getting attacked for controversial statement 

However, some are making unfair comparisons towards KiedAmy saying that food vendors would typically overcharge for their food and the quality is just average. It seems that her desserts are well made as she has over a million followers on TikTok. You won’t grow that big if your products are mediocre. 

Netizens are cringing that some of these influencers using God’s words to justify some of their actions. They accuse TikTok influencers of being “rempit” and that they should behave better in the social media sphere. 

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