Student Vaping in Class Leads to Brutal Rotan Correction Now

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student vaping
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A father is suffering in his heart after his son almost lost an eye following a teacher’s rough decision to beat the boy with a rotan on his face for allegedly vaping in his class. The father Mazni Mohamad, 47, pleads, saying: “I know my son is wild (mischievous) but this is not the way to teach and luckily he is not blind”. According to the lorry driver, his third child complained of pain before finding his hand with blood stains.

Student Vaping

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The fifth-form student suffered bleeding from his right eye allegedly as a result of being caned by a teacher at a secondary school in Sungai Ara, Penang, yesterday. The boy was apparently caught vaping in a science class. Taken to a discipline teacher, who is an Ustaz says the father, he was caned for cheating. “However, the cane hit his right eye and caused him to bleed,” he told the media. This is bad for the #relationship between students and teachers.

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student vaping
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