Fashion Designer Now CANCELED After Showcasing Allegedly New Islamophobic and Fatphobic Designs 

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Recently, a fashion designer was canceled by netizens for making inappropriate clothes. These clothes are controversial as they include the Islamic profession of faith the (Shahadah) on a very skimpy skirt. A majority of X users are against the designer for disrespecting Muslims and also plus size people. 

Fashion designer canceled 

Users are upset at the sight of the skirt. They feel that this is also disrespecting Saudi Arabia as the skirt appears to be reflecting said country’s flag. Furthermore, it seems that similar skirts are made from the flag designs of other countries, which may seem as highly disrespectful as well. 


Other clothing from the designs include the quote “4 slim people” and users are finding this offensive as well. For high end fashion brands, they tend to stay away from sensitive topics such as these two. It seems that the designer wants to appear edgy and fresh which unfortunately was not what they received. 

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