Mondy Tatto Now Claims a Preacher ‘Molested’ Her in Malaysia

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Mondy Tatto
Mondy Tatto Now Claims a Preacher 'Molested' Her in Malaysia - Photo YouTube screen grab
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The famous influencer from Indonesia, Mondy Tatto says she was a victim of molestation by a famous independent preacher from Malaysia when she first arrived in Malaysia this year. She made the shocking admission in a special podcast hosted by rapper and humanitarian activist, Caprice. The single mother said this is the true side of the preacher involved, describing the act as disgusting.

Mondy Tatto

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“There was a disrespectful incident that happened in the car. My hand was held and stroked by the preacher,” says the influencer. She says the preacher is good at religion but was behaving badly and wanted to stroke her or get his face closer to hers in a room. She was literally saved by the bell when a driver of the preacher knocked on the door. Oops! #relationship?

abused woman, mondy tatto
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