Netizens Now Defending Aina Abdul After X Users HURLING Hate Comments at Her 

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Aina Abdul
Image screen shotted from Twitter user @joulcapik

Aina Abdul, one of the more fashionable singers of Malaysia has gotten some dislikes among netizens online. However, it seems that her fans are loyal and would defend her when necessary. Some users claim that she is attention seeking, but others feel she’s an artist who expresses herself. 

Aina Abdul defended 

Some users claim that Aina Abdul’s voice is not impeccable. However, users are disagreeing with this sentiment. This is after the singer posted a promotional poster regarding her upcoming concert. Furthermore, her fans state that her voice is sweet and hence the reason why she is a singer. 

A fan responds to the comment stating that the way she says “semua” is immaculate. Regardless, being a celebrity in Malaysia does have its perks, but one of the drawbacks are the vicious comments directed towards you. 

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Aina Abdul
Image screen shotted from Twitter user @joulcapik

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