MRT Women’s Only Coaches Now FILLED With MEN? 

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Image screen shotted from X page @askrapidkl

Previously, there were some debates regarding MRTs in Malaysia having a women’s only section. However, it seems that some men disagreed with the idea as they feel it’s not “fair” to them. This is despite the thought of women being safe on public transportation. Regardless, many are upset seeing men in the women’s section. 

Womens coaches in MRT now filled with men? 

Some users state that they are slightly annoyed as the regular MRT coaches are filled with women, meanwhile the women’s only coaches are left empty. This comes as a surprise to some X users. It can be understandable at times as the entry points of the train could be nearer to another coach. 

It is unclear if some users are joking or are serious, but a user questioned where the men’s coaches are. Others respond by saying that men coaches are those that are not pink in color.

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Image screen shotted from X page @askrapidkl

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