Netizens Now MOCKING Tun Mahathir’s “DIAPER PANTS” Fashion Style 

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Tun Mahathir
Image screen grabbed from X user @AjaanMark

Other than making highly controversial statements regarding race and politics in Malaysia, Tun Mahathir is now known for wearing high pants that to some resemble a diaper. 

Some questions are rising towards other old men who tend to wear their pants high up like he does. However, some responders state that it could be diapers. It is unclear if the former Prime Minister wears such undergarments. 

Is Tun Mahathir’s high pants common among older people? 

Users state that the older generations tend to wear their pants in such a fashion simply due to their body changing. An X user states that her husband has lost weight and states wearing his pants high up is more comfortable. 

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Tun Mahathir
Image screen grabbed from X user @AjaanMark

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