Individuals STEALING Subsidized Oil, Netizens Now UPSET 

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Subsidized Oil

Recently, the topic of subsidized oil has been rather a sensitive one. The price increases of several goods has made Malaysians upset as they are feeling the brunt of inflation. The government has placed several measures in order to curb the rising prices. However, it seems some are trying to take advantage of the situation.

Individuals stealing subsidized oil 

Netizens are showing their frustrations towards these individuals reselling the subsidized oil. They state that there are many who can’t afford the packet oil. Those who are affected by this the most are those who cannot afford the conventional bottled oil. Since 2021, the packet oil has only been subsidized. 

Some users state that they are using packet oil. This specifically affects those who are stall sellers. However, netizens state that the packet oil is meant for domestic use, not for sellers to use. The user then claims that it is wrong for sellers to use said oil. 

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Subsidized Oil

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