Tiong Tells Langkawi MP ‘kong kali kong’ about Tourists in Shorts

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Minister of Tourism was discussing about some tourist complaints in Langkawi where they were told by some ‘pegawai’ that they cannot buy alcohol or wear shorts. The tourists said they are non-Muslims and Tiong King Sing was arguing that his ministry would want to discuss with the Kedah Me Teri Besar’s office on the issue. That is when the Langkawi MP Mohd Suhaimi bin Abdullah asked when did tourist complained about shorts issues.

Langkawi MP

This is when Tiong said ‘Bila saya jawab, you jangan kong kali kong’. The langkawi MP said this is not the way or discuss the issue. The speaker asked the Langkawi MP to sit since he is disturbing the Minister from answering a question.

The Langkawi MP caused a minor ruckus in Parliament on the issue of tourists complaints for getting into trouble wearing shorts in the tourist island in Kedah

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