9 in 10 MUSLIMS Wants SHARIAH Laws in Malaysia Now: Pew Research

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Photo screenshopt from PEW Research

A bit old story but worth reporting on here at #latestmalaysia since a whopping 86 per cent of Malaysian Muslims polled recently are in support of making the Shariah code the “official law” in Malaysia. A survey by the US-based Pew Research Center says in Malaysia, Islam is stated in the Federal Constitution’s Article 3 to be the “religion of the federation”. However, just 64 per cent of Muslims polled in Indonesia felt the same way.


Each state also enacts state laws that are binding on all Muslims within the state on matters such as Islamic family law, divorces and ‘Shariah’ offences. The same report also found that most of the Buddhists surveyed supported basing laws on religious doctrine with 43 per cent of those in Malaysia backing such an “official law” where they are the majority.

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