Do You Think The New BEYONCE World Tour POSTER Looks Similar To PAS FLAG? 

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There is a recent photo uploaded on X by Beyonce which has sparked a debate among Malaysians. It seems that her new album tour promotional poster looks like a PAS campaign. Users find it hilarious yet at the same time feel that PAS owns the color green and white in Malaysia. 

Beyonce world tour poster looks like PAS flag 

Some users state that this looks like a combination of Shakira and PAS in one photo. It is quite funny to see a western singer making a poster that looks similar to the rather more conservative party’s flag in Malaysia. 

Others are left speechless when looking at this poster. X users state that this is probably the reason why Beyonce sang “I slay, I slay” in her music. This is referring to the northern slang of saying “Islam.” Regardless, it is a funny incident that Malaysians notice, it is assumed that she would not be doing her tour in Malaysia. 

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