Chanel’s New RM21,000 “KELLY” Bag Leaving Fashion Lovers UNIMPRESSED

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Image screen shotted from Chanel's official website.

Chanel has been releasing uninspiring items according to the fashion lovers on social media. However, many were anticipating them to release a beautiful new bag, but only for them to release a bag similar to an Hermes Kelly. Regardless, it is still quite a popular bag among some fans of the brand. 

Chanel’s new RM21,000 Kelly bag 


#greenscreenvideo my thoughts/opinions on the new chanel kelly bag. Honestly, questioning the design and longevity if this bag. What are your thoughts? #chanelkellybag

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A popular TikToker states that the bag is not that revolutionary in comparison to what other brands have been putting out there. Furthermore, other TikTokers seem to agree with the rhetoric, and with the fact that Chanel’s quality has not been the same or is even reflecting the price point that they are selling. 

The bags still are elegant looking and is a blend between the 1950s and the modern day. Following that, the bag is a more affordable price point for the brand at RM21,000, as their other bags can reach up to RM50,000 and above. 

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Image screen shotted from Chanel’s official website.

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