New Name Suggestion For Jalan Wong Ah Jang in Kuantan, Netizens Now OUTRAGED 

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Jalan Wong Ah Jang
Image screen shotted from Google Maps.

The historical factor for Jalan Wong Ah Jang in Kuantan is highly important to preserve. Recently, a suggestion was made to change the road’s name to Jalan Bunga Kemboja. Many state that there has been a significant influence made by the man and his story should not be replaced. 

Jalan Wong Ah Jang 

Netizens are fighting for the road’s name to remain as Jalan Wong Ah Jang. He was a successful business man back in the 1920s which led to the roads being named after him. Users state that Chinese and Indian immigrants have helped build Malaysia to what it is today as well, and their history should not be forgotten. 

Others agree with the idea of not changing the road’s name. Furthermore, some are asking what significance does Bunga Kemboja has towards Malaysian history? Regardless, there is an alarming amount of people that do agree with the name change. 

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Jalan Wong Ah Jang
Image screen shotted from Google Maps.

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