New iPhone 15 Pros Now Allegedly Have COSMETIC Defects 

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Image screen shotted from X user @MajinBuOfficial

The anticipated new iPhones are now seen as lackluster after users waiting patiently for their new phones are in disbelief. Apparently, a number of users are complaining that their new phones are defective. There are a number of alleged cosmetic defects on these new phones. 

iPhone 15 Pros having cosmetic defects 

Users state that if they’re paying over RM5,000 for a new iPhone, it better not have any major flaws. The defects include having asymmetries on the phone’s cosmetic parts, and discolorations on some parts of the device’s body. Users state that this is affecting all colors.

Others debate about the defects on these phones as some felt that it was dropped once the box was opened. However, it is unclear if this is legitimate or not, but there are several customers complaining about their defective phones on X.

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Image screen shotted from X user @MajinBuOfficial

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