X Users DEFENDING Nurul Izzah From Haters Claiming She Is At New York 

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Nurul Izzah
Image screen shotted from Nurul Izzah's official Instagram page.

Recently, some users sparked a rumor that Nurul Izzah, daughter of PM Anwar Ibrahim was going to New York. This had sparked a debate among netizens with some stating that it’s her prerogative if she travels to the big apple.

Nurul Izzah defended by netizens 

An X user asked others whether it’s true that Nurul Izzah was going to New York. However, netizens told him off about spreading rumors and that he wants to damage her reputation. X users find it far from charming that some individuals are trying to incite issues with our PMX.

Currently, there is no verifiable source claiming that she is going to America. Others are criticizing that the opposition members have done far worse in the past, and that the user should focus on discussions that can benefit society rather than one that incites hatred among Malaysians. 

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Nurul Izzah
Image screen shotted from Nurul Izzah’s official Instagram page.

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