New iPhone 15 Pro Max Allegedly MORE FRAGILE Than Older iPhone Models 

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Image screen shotted from JerryRigEverything's official YouTube account

The new iPhone 15 Pros have received a rather lackluster release hype. Users are unhappy that the phone relatively looks identical to the last 3 models and the fact that some of them have defects right out of the box. Furthermore, users are now unhappy with how fragile these new devices are. 

iPhone 15 Pro Max shatters easily 

One of the stronger selling points of these new phones is that they are made of titanium. Apple claims that it’s much more durable than the previous models. However, drop tests prove the contrary as it is seen to be cracking easily. 


This is the first iPhone that does not pass the test in decades🤯❌ Video courtesy of JerryRigEverything #iphone15promax #durabilitytest #break #titanium #iphone15 #ios17 #apple #tech #techtok

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TikTok users are joking that it would probably be unsafe for a user to accidentally sit on their phones now. Furthermore, some speculate that Apple made it easier and cheaper to fix the back glass of these iPhones thus making them more vulnerable to cracking. 

Link to the original video here.

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Image screen shotted from JerryRigEverything’s official YouTube account

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