Netizens DEFENDING PMX From Those Insulting Him for The Khutbah In New York 

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Anwar Ibrahim, nearly killed PMX
Image screen shotted from X user @f4kr0ls00d

Our PMX has received praises from world leaders and is generally accepted by other political leaders. However, in Malaysia, there are a couple of people who openly dislike our Prime Minister, and would lead them to accuse and insult him for doing something good publicly. 

PMX Defended by netizens 

Netizens are calling the individuals who insult our PMX as people who have broken morals, hence they dislike seeing someone they hate practicing their religion better than them. Others state that the sodomy accusation against our Prime Minister has been overplayed, especially that he has been pardoned long ago. 

X users are calling individuals like these, calling them “bangang” and state their mentality is reflected through their hateful comments online. Regardless, there would always be those opposing any leaders a country would have. 

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Anwar Ibrahim, nearly killed PMX
Image screen shotted from X user @f4kr0ls00d

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