Influencer Now Allegedly Living With Unmarried Girlfriend, Neighbours Complain 

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Image screen shotted from Facebook user @Mohd Fadli Salleh

It appears a drama has happened recently as an influencer is allegedly living with his unmarried girlfriend. Their neighbors have complained regarding the issue as they feel it is inappropriate. However, users are finding other creative ways to call out said influencer by making fun of his teeth. 

Influencer allegedly living with unmarried girlfriend 

Oddly, some users complain that their neighbors have too much free time on their hands to make such bold accusations. It seems that netizens are torn in between thinking whether this is appropriate or not. Regardless, in most religions, it would be deemed inappropriate for a man and woman to live together without getting married. 

Others state that the neighbors should not call JAIS but they should instead call a dentist to the influencer’s house. Typically, neighbors would complain to our religious body when it comes to occasions like this. 

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Image screen shotted from Facebook user @Mohd Fadli Salleh

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