Netizens Now SHOCKED At DG HISHAM’s New GEN-Z Tweet “Another Day Another Slay” 

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Image screen shotted on X.

Typically, the phrase “another day another slay” is commonly used among Gen-Z individuals on TikTok and X. However, it seems that DG Hisham is making conversation on X after he tweeted the phrase. Many were in disbelief, but it is there on his X profile. 

DG Hisham says another day another slay 

The Gen-Z crowd is currently flocking to DG Hisham’s X profile due to this tweet. They are saying the word “help” which is commonly used as a term of shock or disbelief. Regardless, many are happy to see an important figure in our country modernizing his vocabulary to the masses. 

Others did not believe that he actually posted that. Users state that their eyes went bigger seeing that it is real. Following that, there were others posting memes of other political figures in Malaysia doing a “slay” pose. 

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Image screen shotted on X.

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