New: Anwar on Women in His Cabinet

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Anwar on Women
Anwar says two key ministries are now held by women...Education and Health - Photo: Bernama

Asked by the Fortune journalist, Alyson Shontell if he plans to have more female ministers in the Cabinet in the future, PM Anwar Ibrahim says the fact that two women are running the Education and Health ministries is already very good. “What about within your own cabinet? There’s only a few women. Do you have plans to add more?” the journalist asked.

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Anwar on Women

“Yes, but, of course, the cabinet we started off with is relatively smaller. Although in terms of the historic antecedents, it’s quite prominent and has given key positions. In the past it was women affairs and welfare. Now we’re in education and health, which to me is very good that two key ministries are held by women. But I agree. I concede the fact that we need to then expose and give opportunity to more women, not only in political leadership positions, but in professional, managerial positions,” says Anwar on women in his cabinet.

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Anwar on Women
Anwar says two key ministries are now held by women…Education and Health – Photo: Bernama
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