Nga Kor Ming Now CALLING OUT Kedah MB On “Affordable” 1KG Rice Packs for RM7 

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Nga Kor Ming
Image screen shotted from Nga Kor Ming's official X account.

The recent shortage of rice has sparked an immense debate among Malaysians. The entire world is currently facing an inflation crisis which is leading to many cutbacks in expenditure. However, it seems that the Kedah MB tried to make an initiative by selling “affordable” rice packets for RM7 at only 1kg 

Nga Kor Ming blasting Kedah MB 

Furthermore, netizens are agreeing with Nga Kor Ming’s statement regarding the calculation of these rice packs. He states that it would literally be RM70 for 10kgs. Typically, rice would cost a lot less than RM70 for the same amount. Users state that opposition supporters do not prioritize facts. 

Others tried to accuse Nga Kor Ming of not understanding the difference between fragrant rice and regular rice as it is more expensive. However, others show that a standard fragrant rice packet would cost around RM40 – RM60 for 10kgs, significantly cheaper than the initiatives made by the Kedah MB. 

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Nga Kor Ming
Image screen shotted from Nga Kor Ming’s official X account.

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