If there were NO FOOD they would NOT come now?

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no food
Anwar in picture with students in NY - Photo Anwar Twitter

Interestingly it is how the political narrative is developing in Malaysia after the PMX visit to New York, which some say was bland. In this X platform post, Anwar is attending a dinner with Malaysian students in New York. There were around 1,000 people in the event and they had a dialogue with Anwar, asking him questions.

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Well, unlike some events in the four states where diners were served a stick of satay for 3 persons, so they say, the event in NY was gratified with a lot of food. Some will surely come out with the argument that if there were no food at the event, no one would attend to ask Anwar questions. Right? No pun intended.

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no food
Photo Anwar speaking to audience in NY – Photo Anwar Twitter (oh we do not see the audience?)
MB Kedah, Harith Iskandar, deeper trouble authorities, no food
Sanusi – Photo Dun Kedah Facebook page

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