Gucci’s New Direction: EXPENSIVE Quiet Luxury

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Gucci's new Horsebit bag that cost RM20,000.

Gucci has recently hired a new creative director after their previous, Alessandro Michelle left. However, many are surprised at the direction the brand is headed. Furthermore, it is rather odd that some of their second hand items are rising up in prices, similar to what Chanel and Hermes is going through. 

Gucci’s new expensive quiet luxury lineup 

YouTuber Cassie Thorpe discusses this in her latest video stating that this is the trend for brands like Gucci. However, she did note that if someone were to buy a designer item, it should be something that wows others. Case in point, it should be extra and over the top. If they’re selling basic designs, stores like Zara can suffice. 

Unfortunately, long time fans of the brand dislike this new approach as they feel it is relatable to Zara more than ever. It appears that maximalism is still relevant and brands like Louis Vuitton are able to still cater to those interested in it. 

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Gucci’s new Horsebit bag that cost RM20,000.

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