New: Another IPR Success with a Vending Machine Making RM3000

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IPR Success
Vending Machine success - Photo Rafizi Ramli Twitter

Minister Rafizi Ramli probably put his reputation on the line in this project but it looks like he is reaping the benefits and the users-entrepreneurs from the B40 group are also benefiting. Success comes with patience. In a post on X, Mr Rafizi says Puan Huda is making RM3000 from her trust in a vending machine. This is, to remind readers, from the Inisiatif Pendepatan Rakyat or IPR under the INSAN project.

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IPR Success

Last week, we reported on the RM2600 business reported from one vending machine sponsored under the IPR programme. The vendor posted on the X platform, thanking Minister Rafizi for the opportunity. The post by the entrepreneur went viral, picked up by a few media outlets. In the meantime, there is still some criticism towards Rafizi for doing the ‘little’ things that opponents believe are not helping the nation. But a nation can be rebuilt one brick at a time. Right?

RM5 Ramli Burgers, IPR success
Ramli Burgers vending machine. Photo TikTok

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