Netizens Now DISLIKING Kembar NPC On TikTok For Their Live Videos 

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Kembar NPC
Image screen shotted from X user @arfdy12

The Kembar NPC took on the NPC challenge on TikTok that was trending these past few weeks. However, they made a video showing that it is not all fun and games, and netizens vehemently dislike that idea. They feel that influencers should make more productive content. 

Kembar NPC on TikTok 

Many are mocking the Kembar NPC, they claim that the twin girls are making themselves look foolish. Users feel that if the girls did a make up tutorial or a tudung tutorial it would be so much better. Others complimented their makeup skills and fashion sense. 

However, some state that their pale white makeup isn’t suitable for them. Another user claims to have blocked their TikTok account. Regardless, these girls are social media influencers trying to find their niche. Unfortunately for them, many are not kind and understanding enough to support them.

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Kembar NPC
Image screen shotted from X user @arfdy12

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