Consumers Now ANGRY AT DuitNow QR For Implementing NEW Interbank Charges For Transactions 

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DuitNow has one of the most efficient QR payment methods available for the consumers in Malaysia. However, it seems that they are implementing a new charge for those using their services, for now it is a small charge at 0.25%, but netizens are upset at this ordeal. 

Refer to this article to understand the story: Reports of charges for DuitNow payments

Consumers angry at DuitNow 

Netizens are stating the irony of these banks as they pushed for cashless payments but now are charging for it. Users state that this will most definitely encourage users and stall owners to revert back to cash payment methods instead of using DuitNow. These charges are not sitting well with everyone. 

Users state that they would prefer to go back to cheques if it means that it has no charges. Furthermore, many claim that the banks are profiting immensely from this service as it is and feel that it is unfair for them to charge extra for this. 

However, it is the service providers that have been doing this, not the banks. Despite this, users are still upset at the whole ordeal.

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