The Google Giant that is Cornered with New Regulations

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The U.S. government is launching a major antitrust trial against Google, targeting its dominant search engine. This legal battle is reminiscent of the Microsoft case from a quarter-century ago. The trial features key testimonies from Google and Alphabet executives, potentially altering the tech giant’s landscape. If found guilty, further measures will be determined to restrain Google’s power, impacting its widespread use as the default search engine on various devices.

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Giant in Trouble?

The U.S. Justice Department is pursuing an antitrust lawsuit against Google, accusing it of abusing its search engine’s dominance to suppress competition and hinder innovation. Critics contend that Google’s ad and self-promotion practices have degraded search quality. The case raises questions about whether Google’s near-monopoly on search warrants regulation, with Google asserting the existence of competition from other search engines and websites. Additionally, the lawsuit delves into Google’s alleged payments to secure default status on devices like iPhones. Happy 25 Google!

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