Indonesians are Rallying Behind Anwar for His Unga Speech Now

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Andi Suwirta a senior lecturer at the History Education Department at Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia reports that many Indonesians are saying that Anwar is the “Great Sukarno”. In other words, Anwar is greater than Sukarno, the first president to lead Indonesia between 1945 and 1968.  After watching PMX speaking at UNGA, he sent a message to a WhatsApp group with many lecturers from Indonesia, Malaysia, Brunei Darussalam and the Philippines. He insisted that this is the figure of a Southeast Asian leader – even a great leader of the Muslim world.

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“Where was there a Malaysian prime minister before this who, when giving a speech, was so eloquent in quoting holy verses from the Quran? Furthermore, Anwar is a Malaysian prime minister who can deliver a sermon during Friday prayers in front of the New York Muslim community,” he writes. “When compared, whether with the previous Malaysian PM or with Muslim leaders from other countries, it is clear that Anwar is an exceptional and rare leader among the world’s Muslim community. As a result, Malaysians, and also those in Indonesia and the Southeast Asian region, should be proud and excited about Anwar’s leadership as “PMX” of Malaysia.”

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