McDonald’s Makes a Police Report on Sos Cili RM10.60

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McDonald’s says it lodged a police report against a customer who it says “became extremely irate and verbally aggressive toward our staff.” “McDonald’s Malaysia is deeply disappointed with the actions of the customer, who not only displayed aggression toward our staff but also posted inaccurate information about the incident on social media. “We have reported this incident to the police to ensure the safety of our crew in light of the customer’s aggressive behaviour.”

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Police Report

The issue became viral after the customer made reference to McDonalds saying he was asked to pay for the sos cili, adding that the economy is so bad that the international brand had to charge for chilly sauce. McDonalds says in its statement that its staff gave the 10 packs for free as usual but the customer insisted to pay for it.

The customer is said to be no other than a Bersatu candidate who lost to Barisan Nasional in the Gemencheh 2018 General Elections. However, some X users are saying he is no more a Bersatu man and helped a PH candidate during the last GE.


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